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Publication > 11.5 Annual Report

ECAP 2010, Le nostre attività / Unsere Aktivitäten / Nos activités

by 1405 – Design and Direction

The ECAP-Foundation is a non-profit institute for adult education which has been active in Switzerland since 1970. It promotes education for migrants from numerous countries. The concept of the report is based on the usage of color in relation to the overall approach of ECAP: education as an instrument for making a conscious decision on integration. The annual statement is reduced to the corporate color red. The editorial part is based on the national flags of the students countries of origin. By juxtaposing and overprinting these patterns something new occurs that enables interaction between the cultures represented by these colors.

  • Creative Directors Wildermuth Grafik, 1405 - Studio for Visual Communication
  • Art Directors Claudia Wildermuth, Jan-Eric Stephan, Iris Holtkamp
  • Designers
  • Illustrators 1405 - Studio for Visual Communication
  • Photographers Luca Zanier
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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