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by TRY Apt

On the EcoTrain every student gets an iPad mini and a specially trained EcoTrain conductor. He guides the class through a number of games and assignments, all concerning transportation and the environment. They learn about greenhouse emissions, recycling and how small actions can create a big impact on the world we live in. The conductor controls the iPads from a master iPad. The students answer questions like ”how many cars are in your family?” and the conductor uses that information to drive the story forward. And great news for teachers: Eco train is approved as part of the official curriculum.
The EcoTrain started as a pilot project on local rout Gjøvikbanen. Since March, 500 young passengers have learned about eco friendly traveling while traveling eco friendly. Due to popular demand from teachers, students and especially NSB staff, we are now training new EcoTrain conductors across Norway and buying class sets of iPads. We are rolling the project out on all major routs, making the EcoTrain a national commitment for NSB.
Every year 600.000 Norwegian schoolchildren go on excursions. Most of them by bus. The Norwegian State Railway (NSB) wanted them to consider taking the train instead. It was also important for NSB to give future commuters a good first impression, and at the same time strengthen their environmental profile. Since it is the teachers who decide how the class travels, we wanted to make something that would be both fun and engaging for the children, but also educational. The idea: EcoTrain – an interactive educational tool that turned train cars into classrooms. This would teach children something about eco friendly traveling, while actually traveling eco friendly. 

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors STIAN JOHANSEN
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters SEBASTIAN PRESTØ
  • Copy Writers JANNE BRENDA LYSØ
  • Motion Graphics Frode Ekberg
  • Developer Marius Nohr
  • Developer and Executive Producer Pål Smitt Amundsen
  • Designer Joachim Sjøberg
  • Consultant Ole Hustad
  • Project Manager Mona Larsen
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