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Editorial collection CODICE EDIZIONI

by Cristina Chiappini Design Studio

Target / Audience / Contest
Codice Edizioni is an Italian publisher mainly devoted to the scientific debate and its divulgation, their broad spectrum catalogue has been continuously growing in number and popularity for years but stubbornly preserving high quality selection as a cypher.

Project / Inspiration / Type
When we were commissioned to design the new identity of the covers, we thought that the perfect book cover should be the point of convergence blending austerity, sensitivity, reverence for the text and, of course, marketing. Keeping this in mind we started working on the conceptual basis of the project, that it is ”Codice” signified itself throughout the semantic value that this name takes in Italian: codex, code and rule.
Then we came up with the idea to use algorithmic structures (tilings, tessellations, and so on) as ever-changing colored pattern variation, laid down on a monochromatic background interrupted just by a squared area with title and the author’s name. So each book is characterized by a subject that will remain unique; moreover each year a new pattern series will be designed to reach the dual purpose of ensuring maximum variety and consistency for the time being.
The basic layout has been adopted, with a little difference in size, for both the main book series of Codice Edizioni and for the series in collaboration with the journal Le Scienze (Italian edition of Scientific American).
Typeface Numberplate Italy by Stephan Müller (Lineto) based on the car registration plates of Italy.

  • Creative Directors Limiteazero + Cristina Chiappini
  • Art Directors Limiteazero + Cristina Chiappini
  • Designers Limiteazero + Cristina Chiappini
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Copywriters CODICE EDIZIONI
  • Graphic assistant / Executive Giulia Flamini
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