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Packaging > 13.4 Music / Film Cover

Elisa - IVY

by Convertino & Designers srl

IVY, Elisa’s new project, was published November 30, 2010.
The title reflects the nature of the Album’s songs: 17 tracks, including 3 previously unpublished ones, new arrangements of her hits, duets and covers are given a new acustic perspective, to highlight their natural stylistic purity. IVY includes a DVD documentary, by islandic director Danny Carlson (Sigur Ros) in which Elisa elaborates on her career and the making of this project and it’s purpose.
The creative process for the artwork follows closely the Artist’s conceptual core.
The whole desigh concept is the use of matter and materials (hand painted paper, watercolors. natural inks and stains) with only minute touches to the photography.

Digipack : Paper FSC Arcoprint extra white gr.250
Booklet : 1/4 paper GSK 110gr + 1/16 paper FSC 140gr (printed 4+4 color) CD+DVD: serigraphy (printed 4+4 color)

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  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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