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Digital > 14.5 Motion Graphics

Ellix Brand Film

by Tolm

To create value means to grow. To grow means to get more complex. The more complex things get, the risk of losing focus, control, and orientation arises.

Spotting actions. Creating links. Inspiring processes. Generating value. These were the main statements we followed throughout the creation process of an animated brand film for Ellix – the leading consultancy for Technology Business Management in Europe.

We used a clever mix of 2D and 3D techniques and a strong abstraction to visualize the problem and highlight the unique approach of our client. To make the otherwise geometric design more accessible to the target audience, we incorporated the human characters into the plot.

  • Creative Directors Joosep Volk, Claudia Klee (klee. steinberger), Vit Steinberger (klee. steinberger)
  • Art Directors Maido Hollo, Claudia Klee (klee. steinberger), Vit Steinberger (klee. steinberger)
  • Designers Maido Hollo
  • Illustrators Maido Hollo, Kärt Koosapoeg
  • Photographers
  • Editors Maido Hollo
  • Copywriters Claudia Klee, Vit Steinberger
  • Composer Janek Murd
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