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Packaging > 13.4 Music / Film Cover

Elyjah: Planet, Planet.

by Zwölf

The Songs on Elyjah’s debut album is both playful and atmospheric, it leaves a lasting impression. To ensure that that message was conveyed to the customer, we fired pellets at all two thousand covers. They circle like planets around a fixed point. Returning to a time in which men had morals in their hearts and cloth handkerchiefs in their trouser pockets, we put the band in Herr von Eden suits and then printed the large-format photos by hand. Typographically, we continued this theme with two typefaces from that time period: Memphis, from Emil Rudolph Weiß (1929) and the Wieynck Gotisch from Heinrich Wieynck (1926) were put into use on an old Heidelberg printing machine.

  • Creative Directors ?
  • Art Directors ?
  • Designers Stefan Guzy, Björn Wiede
  • Illustrators ?
  • Photographers Norman Konrad
  • Editors ?
  • Copywriters ?
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