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Emergence Magazine Vol. 1

by Studio AIRPORT

Emergence Magazine is a quarterly online publication with an annual print edition exploring the threads connecting ecology, culture, and spirituality. Its contributors include Sundance-winning and Emmy-nominated filmmakers, Pulitzer Prize finalists, Ted Prize winners, and a Poet Laureate.
Emergence Magazine Vol.1 is a collection of essays, poems, adapted films, and photo essays. Tactile and intimate, this edition spans 296 color-filled pages and eight different textures of paper—inviting you to slow down and enjoy these stories over time. Although ‘Magazine’ is part of the name, it was always the idea to create a timeless document that functions more as a book rather than a traditional magazine.
The stories and essays are relevant at present day but also will be in the years to come. This volume is designed with the idea of ‘slow consumption’ and finds itself on the border on where a magazine ends and book begins.
With the selected typeface family we created a cohesive foundation for the book with enough space for different interpretations and visual explorations as each story has its own needs. The different papers contribute to this playful way of presenting the different stories. Moving between long read essays, intense photography and sensitive poems the design transforms with each part without losing its own identity.
Vol. 1 comes with a small riso-printed booklet with four practices and space to add you’re own notes and findings. These practices are an invitation to explore your relationship to place and deepen your connection to the Earth.
First: 7000 copies
Second: 3000 copies

  • Creative Directors Maurits Wouters, Bram Broerse
  • Art Directors Maurits Wouters, Bram Broerse
  • Designers Maurits Wouters, Carsten Pölking
  • Illustrators Jia Sung, Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh, Studio Airport
  • Photographers Bear Guarra, Diana Barker, Edward Burtynsky, Gabriela Torres Ruiz, Andrew Suliteanu and many more
  • Editors Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, Bethany Ritz, Seana Quinn
  • Copywriters
  • Typeset Fragen by Lucas Descroix, Gt America & GT Super by Grilli Type, Rosart by Camelot Typefaces, Pitch by Klim Type Foundry
  • Printer NPN Drukkers
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