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EMEX – 00110001

by Anagram Design

The very first ”unrefined” techno sound, that is generated solely by the analog synthesizers of KORG, is visualized using the Bezier lines.
The ”skeleton”-”mechanism” of the design programs (aka bezier lines) in which designers create is in this case the graphic product itself.
In the logic of Bezier lines, a new feature is added /created, that of the triangles that are squares separated in two and denote the gap between them.
The ”1” (one) generated by the new system of Bezier lines is the translation of the binary combination 00110001.
About the EMEX project:
EMEX is called the new Project of George Apergis and Alex Retsis owners of Modular Expansion Records. The new techno project of the two producers based solely on analog synthesizers of KORG. George Apergis has an enviable course of 20 years in the field of Techno in Greece and abroad, while Alex Retsis has excelled in the field of sound design & experimental electronic music.
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/EMEX-1409039526054813/
Bookings: http://pullproxy.com/booking/roster/artists/2315-emex

  • Creative Directors Spyros Grammenos
  • Art Directors Spyros Grammenos
  • Designers Spyros Grammenos
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Pantelis Konsolakis
  • Editors Aggelos Moschos, Giannis Xenakis
  • Copywriters George Apergis & Alex Retsis
  • Production George Apergis
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