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Es Geht Auch Ohne

by Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf

Ton of Holland is a Dutch contemporary artist. During a artist-in-residence of three months in Berlin, he visited 90 different parties in 90 days and made every day a watercolour/ink drawing from one or two male visitors. The result is an almost sociological, modish summary of the gay (sub)culture. A visual world with specific codes and signals. The book has been designed as a art folder with a bundle of drawings and a flap. All the books are random bound. This randomness causes 46 different covers and backs. So each book is unique in its sequence. The pages are sawn. 

  • Creative Directors Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf
  • Art Directors Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf
  • Designers Dennis Koot & Ton Hoogerwerf
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Ton Hoogerwerf
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