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Espen Andersen Visual Identity

by Larssen & Amaral

Espen Andersen is a music producer and sound designer. He works with musicians, advertising agencies and other creative fields. Deciding to establish a more professional freelance approach, our task was to help Espen establish a brand for himself and his services, help communicate his creative philosophy, showcase his work in an engaging way and attract new business. Working with a variety of creative clients, it was important that the visual identity spoke to and reflected the creativity of his audience.
Whether for a band, film score, or commercial, Espen uses sound to tell stories, convey emotions and capture his client’s identity. We captured Espen’s own identity through sound, giving visual form to his sound through the use of two simple elements: the recording button, and the playhead. The identity comes to life on the website—a playful and engaging platform for showcasing his work, services, and creative philosophy.
Working with technology, his communication needed a strong digital presence. When launching the new brand/website we used SoMe as a way of engaging new clients. Communication used the brand identity in various ways to trigger different audiences. A variety of films/imagery used the recording symbol in communication. The interactive film shows the impact of sound. A blinking “ready to record” red dot targeted at ad agencies. The visualizer allowed Espen to produced branded content for SoMe.

  • Creative Directors Eric Amaral Rohter
  • Art Directors Cecilie Larssen Lønning
  • Designers Eric Amaral Rohter, Andrea Tjøsvoll
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developer Lasse Mejlvang Tvedt
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