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by Super BfG OG

Elisabeth Breidenbrücker has been cultivating old medicinal plants in her herb garden for years. She processes them into herbal spirits, incense, teas and all kinds of remedies. Her new product range lists four spagyric essences, each of them consisting of various herbal/plant distillations. Thanks to smart, varying combinations of these distillations, each spagyric essence has its own effect.

The design is based on books from the early natural sciences: black and white, simple and timeless, with the alchemic symbols for Sulphur, Mercury and Sal. In the accompanying booklet, the main ingredients of each variety arise from the deep black background in full colour.
Also, the bottle itself and all packaging is black, except for some white hot stamping and white paper. All this creates a mysterious appearance that supports and highlights the product and its ceremonial function.


  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Christian Feurstein
  • Designers Veronika Flatz, Rainer Hilbe
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Adolf Bereuter
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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