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by Adagietto

ESTANTE* is a magazine with one main goal: promoting access to Culture, books and authors through acute and intelligent content presented in a practical but original design/layout. The magazine aims to catch the attention of people passionate about books. It’s an editorial project with a whole team focused on literary and newsworthy stories. Fnac, a major retailer of cultural, leisure and technological products, owns the project.

As we wrote in our manifesto: “ESTANTE is a magazine destined to live out of the bookshelf. It exists to be handled, shared and read by everyone. ESTANTE is a magazine that bears in mind the reader who loves books as much as we do. The reader who does not get tired of flicking through book pages, feeling them in their hands and reading them. ESTANTE is filled with pages dedicated to book lovers, books, authors, ideas and ideals, but also on the world in which we live in and how we interact with each other.”

ESTANTE also has a specific secondary aim: to promote national illustrators. In a partnership that exists since the first issue, we invite Portuguese illustrators to give life to our covers, and we are sincerely proud of it.

ESTANTE is the literary magazine with the highest circulation in Portugal and we our aim is to have ESTANTE has a Cult Magazine.

* The word ‘Estante’ means ‘bookshelf’ in Portuguese.

  • Creative Directors José Séneca
  • Art Directors José Séneca
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Tiago Albuquerque, Richard Câmara, Afonso Cruz, João Fazenda
  • Photographers David Clifford, Bruno Colaço e Paulo Cunha
  • Editors Catarina Sousa, Tiago Matos
  • Copywriters
  • Journalists Susana Torrão, Mariana de Araújo Barbosa, Ana Dias Ferreira, Joana Azevedo Viana, Maria Catarina Nunes, Nelma Viana, Catarina Beato, Elsa Garcia
  • Proofreader Laurinda Brandão
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