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Estonian Design Awards Idents

by Tolm

The idents for Estonian Design Awards describe 5 different categories that prizes are given. Each clip is built up on a short sentence that, we taught, describes each category the best. All of them are explained in a simple and symbolic way, to make it fun to watch for everybody.

Product design – ”Form follows function.” Functionality always becomes before the form or the looks of a product.
Web design – ”Intuitivity through screen.” You be able to find all you need from the web page, intuitively.
Young designer – ”Defiance feeds hunger.” You need to be both hungry and defiant to succeed.
Graphic design – ”Space around the message.” The right amount of empty space is as important as the message itself.
Service design – ”Changing experineces.” The supplier and the client can speak the same language only by changing experiences.

  • Creative Directors Ingel Martin, Maido Hollo
  • Art Directors Ingel Martin, Maido Hollo
  • Designers Ingel Martin, Maido Hollo
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Animators Ingel Martin, Maido Hollo, Madis Epler
  • Sound Designer Timo Petmanson
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