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Eurovision Song Contest Visual Identity 2020


The Eurovision Song Contest is the world’s biggest and longest-running music show, being watched around the world by approximately 200 million people. The 2020 Contest will take place in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, after the country’s victory in the previous year’s contest. 

Their brief to us was: Create a visual identity that must be complementary to the generic Eurovision Song Contest logo. Ingredients to work with: “Open” for everyone,, creative, music-related and a “leap forward”, in which the Netherlands embodies itself and surprises Europe.

The Contest started 10 years after the end of the Second World War, as a way of helping unite Europe through music and creativity. Since it began with 7 European countries, the competition has gone out of its way to embrace new cultures and new talent. Today it welcomes 41 participating countries. 

To emphasize this message, we developed a data-driven visual identity that honours the history of the Song Contest in a contemporary way. By using software that we developed ourselves, along with historical data, we were able to design an iconic visual identity. 

This identity is bold and can be applied in many different ways. Behind it, there is a story which complements the theme of Eurovision 2020, ‘Open Up’. We tied our design to this theme in both static images and motion by connecting the flag colours of the participating countries, opening up through time and creating a unified, yet diverse feel that celebrates the 65th anniversary of the contest. 

We only had a few weeks to develop the identity but needed to ensure it could be applied on many different carriers (TV, websites, social, print, etc.) in a consistent but also diverse way. This forced us to make bold choices. By choosing a simple mechanism and identity rules we were able to create something that was recognisable yet flexibly applicable. 

With Britain leaving the EU and political opinions within the EU becoming more and more polarised, the need to unite and celebrate diversity within Europe is becoming bigger and bigger. Eurovision wants to bring together countries with creativity, showing a part of their culture and celebrating it with music.

Our identity showcases this idea of coming together to celebrate each other and uses the different flags to give colour to the contest and Europe. 

The symbol shows that you don’t have to use the traditional visual language of an entertainment show, nor traditional dutch icons, but you can use an abstract design to create something that is both meaningful and festive, that sets a new standard for TV entertainment.

  • Creative Directors Thomas Clever and Gert Franke
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Bas van der Burgh, Roel de Jonge, Jonas Groot Kormelink, Wouter van Dijk, Wilco Tomassen, Joost Mommers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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