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Everything is growing. Everything is math.

by Fakultät Gestaltung Würzburg

In a time when it’s so crucial for human kind to trust and understand scientists in the face of the climate crisis, but also the current pandemic, I feel it is also up to designers to translate, visualize and work up scientific findings for the wide public in a way, which makes everybody gape at the wonders of science.
This project was an experimental attempt to turn scientific knowledge about natural growth processes into an interactive experience. The result was a spatial installation with a digital terrarium, in which generative corals and other organic structures grew, in its middle. The head of the spectator was tracked in space with a depth camera, making it possible to turn the four screens of the terrarium into a threedimensional illusion, so that the spectator could walk around the terrarium and inspect the organic structures from all sides. The organic growth was based on three different algorithms, which are used to model natural processes in science. The user could change and tweak all parameters via an app interface on his/her smartphone. The objective of this work was to show the spectator how math is hiding all around us in our environment, and how far science has come to understand natural processes by turning them into algorithms, but also how fragile these ecosystems are because just by changing a single parameter the growth could just stop or get out of control. I wanted to convey a feeling that changing one parameter in an algorithm that simulates coral growth is similar to slighly changing the temperature of the sea making millions of corals bleach. We have the beauty of the planet at our fingertip’s, but we need to know exactly what we are doing so that we do not accidentally destroy it.

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