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by Sunny at Sea

Evias has developed an eco-system to charge Electric Vehicles on the road, wherever they are, without stopping for charging. The system will keep track of electric consumption and always keep the vehicle running. That will help the transition to autonomy driving vehicles.
Electrical roads industry is visually quite neglected and companies often feel overly complicated, dull and technical. Evias is at the forefront of this technology and we wanted to transfer that energy into the brand. To begin with, we created a solid and stable logo. The V and A were reduced to two mirrored and characteristic arrows that can represent the directions of both the road and the electricity, as well as the energy that flows through the rails and that drives the vehicles forward. An electric yellow-green color permeates the graphic identity whose base colors otherwise consist of stone, asphalt, sand and concrete tones, representing the materials we travel on.
The arrows from the logo can be combined and animated in different patterns in an infinite way and thus create a representation of the electricity in Evias road infrastructure on which hopefully our future transport infrastructure is built. When you place the two arrows mirrored vertically, an abstract E is created which is also Evias symbol. An even more simplified version of the symbol can be made just by typing two arrows vertically facing each other. In addition, we developed an illustration/animation style for technical explanations, which is a modern interpretation of architectural drawings, as well as a icon concept where we kept some of the feeling from the illustration but in a simpler and bolder style.

  • Creative Directors Tobias Ottomar
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Tobias Ottomar, Angelica Stromback Ek
  • Illustrators Tobias Ottomar, Angelica Stromback Ek, Joakim Areschoug
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Strategist Johan Wendborg
  • 3D/Animation Joakim Areschoug
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