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Exhibition of the book - Pez de Plata rBarcelona: reflect, recycle, respond

by María de Ros architect & Marcos Basso (02_Basso architects)

Presentation and exhibition of the book ‘Pez de Plata rBarcelona: Reflect, Recycle, Respond’, a work that reflects 24 initiatives on social and environmental responsibility from Barcelona. The exhibition is like a folding book using a folding screen that takes the form of a circle. The outer skin moves the visitor into the world of feelings. The inner skin is the open book. It is the detail of each of the initiatives contained in the book. The installation is modular, stackable, portable, self-supporting, recyclable and efficiency-seeking. It’s a design that allows great flexibility to adapt the content to any site.

  • Creative Directors María de Ros & 02_BASSO Architects
  • Art Directors María de Ros & 02_BASSO Architects
  • Designers María de Ros & 02_BASSO Architects
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Daniel Loewe
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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