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Experiences that color us

by Heydays

NRK TV is the streaming service of Norways public broadcaster and largest media organization – NRK. In recent years, NRK TV has developed into a complete streaming service with world-class content and a good user experience. The complexity of the project has been to develop an experience for NRK that is both new, lifts the content and is at the same time recognizable as NRK. The project was intended to contribute to the overall goal of positioning NRK TV as the best-liked streaming service among the entire Norwegian population, in a global market where competition is only continuing to increase. The goal was to raise people’s awareness of the content breadth and make it easier to find relevant content. The project should ensure increased use among the younger target group, while maintaining its position with the established user group.
With the extensive use of trailers and mood images, the newly designed content highlights, creates diversity in the expression and makes it easier to discover new content. The concept consists of an interactive color palette that lets the content color the service, an animated icon and illustration style based on NRK’s ​​existing design language, and a movement pattern that can be used in all interaction and animation to enhance function and context. The color palette is created by an algorithm that automatically generates a set of unique colors for each content. The algorithm takes into account UU requirements for readability and contrasts, while providing a holistic and pervasive service experience.

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