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by Ludwig Volbeda

“Fabeldieren’ (Magical creatures) is a interesting and comprehensive overview of magical creatures from all kinds of cultures and myths. The creatures are categorized according to their cultural and geographical origin.
This book is a way for children from the age group 8+ to meet the most curious, funny, dazzling, repulsive and dangerous creatures, illustrated in a meticulous way. It is a concise encyclopedia of mythical creatures from all corners of the world and cultures, from trolls from the High North to mythical creatures among the Australian aborigines, from jinns from the Islamic world to Japanese yokai. Chinese dragons, mermaids, Medusa’s and griffins: they all pass by.
A book full of facts, age-old stories and illustrations. A must-read for anyone brave enough to research these dangerous mythical creatures. ‘Fabeldieren’ is a book that establishes a connection between fiction and non-fiction and that stimulates children to read more fables and stories.
– ‘Volbeda’s subtle, detailed manner of working, delicate lines and warm use of color prove extremely suitable for the imagination of the small hundred mythological creatures.’ – Dutch newspaper NRC Handelsblad
– ‘Stunning illustrations by Ludwig Volbeda: with a dizzying amount of tiny pinstripes and warm, subdued colors, he brings the often frightening and sometimes beautiful creatures to life in detail ‘ – Dutch newspaper Trouw

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Ludwig Volbeda
  • Photographers
  • Editors Judith Van Doorselaer
  • Copywriters
  • Author Floortje Zwigtman
  • Book Design Mieke Verloigne
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