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facts+patterns: Infografische Muster im Alltag

by Christian Busse

The graduate project (translated: infographical patterns in everyday life) in communication design comprises various everyday objects which all have one thing in common: they convey valuable facts via their decors and patterns and thereby offer an innovative approach to different subjects in everyday life. The variety of subjects is manifold and depends on the object’s application. It ranges from poverty worldwide (items: plates), child labour in the textile industry (item: dress) and vegetable/fruit retail (item: shopping bag) to power supply in Europe (items: lampshades) and to water scarcity in Africa (item: shower curtain). All objects were professionally produced as prototypes. The idea of infographical patterns proves that decorative and informative appeal are not necessarily mutually exclusive and points out that the combination of aesthetics and information has much potential for sustainable knowledge transfer. The patterns can be adapted to a wide range of other subjects and are useful whenever important facts need to be integrated in our everyday lives to increase awareness of concealed issues.

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