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Færder Mikrobryggeri

by Panorama Design

Færder Mikrobryggeri started as a hobby project in the basement with family Krüger in Tønsberg. Tønsberg is a small town on the coastline along the Oslofjord, and is well known among Norwegians as a place to spend the summer. The Færder lighthouse is a landmark familiar to everyone living in this region. To select Færder as the brand name was a strategically smart move, as positive/favourable associations to the name already exist. 60% of the Norwegian population is based around the Oslofjord area; subsequently Færder Mikrobryggeri has the potential to rapidly build awareness in the region.
During the last 3-4 years Norway has experienced an explosive blossom of new local breweries, leading to a broad selection and at times clutter in the market place. As a consequence microbreweries has also found customers among the less advanced beer drinkers. Færder Mikrobryggeri therefore wanted to aim for the less advanced beer drinkers, from young to older and female to male. The Færder beers should be fresh and suit most people’s taste buds. Having this in mind we believed the design needed to be inclusive and gender neutral. From the competition we found that category language was more aimed to the rougher end and advanced beer drinkers. We found that darker colours were more typical, and graphic elements to be trendy and masculine.
The Færder logo is inspired by wind symbols used in weather forecast, and beacons and navigation marks found along the coast. We placed the logo and brand name on top of the hierarchy. Our aim was to make this stand out so that customers could easily identify Færder from a distance in stores or in a bar. As for navigation at sea we wanted Færder beers to be a “lighthouse” on the shelf or behind the bar. For the same reason the primary colour palette uses white and yellow. The refreshing colours also underpin that Færder is a fresh tasting beer.  
To navigate among the collection of beers we have used the international navigation flags as symbols. These flags are designed to stand out at sea, and we believed they elegantly made differentiation between beer types without competing with the logo as king. The international navigation system exist of 26 flags, giving Færder Mikrobryggeri the opportunity to develop more beer types as their sales grows and customers requests novel tastes.
The overall design has used a range of different typography to balance the label, and we have created a stamp as signature of the master brewer Mathias Krüger.
In Norway the marketing law prohibit any marketing to the public of alcoholic beverages. By linking every beer type to a specific flag, Færder is able to communicate to some extent without showing the bottle.

  • Creative Directors Jens-Petter Ring
  • Art Directors Nichls Tangen
  • Designers Morten Fornebo, Petter Yggeseth and Kjersti Resell
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Axel Julius Bauer (packaging), Jon Erik Andersen (landscape)
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Mathias Krüger
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