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fahrstil - das Radmagazin

by echtweiss / Corporate Design

Bicycle culture on paper; this is the thought behind fahrstil magazine, thus it goes well beyond traditional special interest magazines. fahrstil doesn’t differentiate between cyclists and bikes in different niches, but illustrates the whole world of cycling by one subject per issue, thereby reflecting the individual world of the reader; passionately showing preferences and avoiding stereotypes. As every excellent riding style emanates a sovereign serenity and only occasionally reveals its brilliance, the magazine’s design is consciously streamlined in order to give the content the space it deserves.

  • Creative Directors Sven Marten
  • Art Directors Jann Marten
  • Designers Katharina Haaf, Danijela Marin, Sofia Bertolini, Sarah Nickel, Rina Roki
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Kay Tkatzik, Martin Häußermann
  • Editors H. David Koßmann
  • Copywriters Peter Barzel, Martin Häußermann, Hans-Heinrich Pardey, Jan Heine, Bastian Steinecker
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