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Fairy Tales Christie Van Der Haak

by Studio Renate Boere

The amazing book about Ouborg award winning artist Christie van der Haak shows an inspiring interaction between artist and designer.

Studio Renate Boere was approached by the art institute Stroom The Hague to design a publication on Van der Haak’s body of work. The book is a part of the Ouborg award. Renate Boere translated the works and experience of Christie van der Haak’s world into a visual fairy tale of 416 pages, which is expressed in “virtual rooms”.

In the book, each virtual room created by Studio Renate Boere introduces the ‘visitor’ in a new fairy tale. You walk through a number of spaces, decorated with patterns and painting by Christie van der Haak. Consequently you ‘enter into’ a painting followed by a family of similar paintings on full-page format. After the last painting the visitor leaves the painting family.

Text pages are rimmed with a pattern referring to the traditional fairy tale books and at the same time show the richness, variety and uniqueness of Van der Haak’s patterns. It can be viewed as a sample book for future work and an inspiration for anyone interested in patterns. The back of the book features a timeline of Christie van der Haak’s best work. It provides a wonderful overview of Van der Haak’s development so far, from paintings to installation art.

An extraordinary exhibition was the direct result of this book. Inspired by the virtual rooms inside the book Christie van der Haak found the courage to fully cover the rooms of the Gemeentemuseum with her patterns. A major new work emerged. The virtual rooms from the book came to life: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SnATz0UD2U

  • Creative Directors Christie van der Haak & Studio Renate Boere
  • Art Directors Studio Renate Boere
  • Designers Studio Renate Boere: Renate Boere Boere, Nikos ten Hoedt, Niels Vrijdag, Leon Baauw, Evelien Broersen, Caroline Langendoen & Emilio Veendorp
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers CMU/DEA Rijper Museum Utrecht, Ernst Bergmans, Peter Cox, Tom Haartsen, Koen Hauser, Rob Kollaard, Peter Slabbers, Studio Renate Boere, Fernando van Teylingen, Eric de Vries, Jan Zweerts
  • Editors Jane Huldman (Stroom Den Haag) & Philip Peters
  • Copywriters Christie van der Haak, Eline van der Haak, Philip Peters, Anke Roder, Nicole Roepers, Arno van Roosmalen & Wilma Sütö
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