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Festival Archip–elles

by WePlayDesign

What impression does today leave women in the field of contemporary musical creation ?

Archipel is an annual music festival featuring contemporary music, performances, sound installations and exploring the creation of music in all its forms.

In this edition, there is a desire to present the diversity of female musicians from different origins, generations and aesthetics. Women have always been present in the art of the twentieth century, and in a proportion that continues to grow, but their presence has been obscured. By nature this program is eclectic, it is its wealth, and not only dedicated to young artists, but also to all the female music production of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries is immense.

In its 28th year, the festival has been renamed – Archip–elles for 2019, because women will be taking centre stage !

This year’s festival is dedicated to women as a reflection upon women’s contribution to music.
The programme for the 2019 festival is 100% feminine, featuring composers from all generations, origins and showcasing a wide variety of music.
It was important to develop a bold and innovative visual identity in a social context marked by a reflection on the place of women in society.

The 2019 visual identity of the Archipel Festival explores the imagery and codes of femininity. 
It deconstructs stereotypes through the creation of a visual language advocating an uninhibited affirmation of femininity referring to the consciously stylized and self-referential expressions of femininity.
Borrowing from both the codes of feminism and femininity, the visual identity proposes an iconography that is sometimes humorous, cynical and irreverent.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Sophie Rubin and Cedric Rossel
  • Designers Sophie Rubin and Cedric Rossel
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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