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FFD - Future Food District

by studio FM milano

The graphic setting for the Milano Expo FFD – Future Food District has included every branch of graphic design: from signage to the big spaces interior design, passing through hundreds icon drawings, packaging, that bring consumer inside the supermarket of the future. This district, through Architect Carlo Ratti idea, elaborated in cooperation with Seanseble City Lab – MIT Boston, shows the future food supply chain; a wide range of technological devices exploring different stages like supply, purchase, food consumption, putting the accent on more and more conscious and exigent consumers individual choices. Considering how complex it was the project and how many devices we would have needed, we have chosen an uniform graphic code, able to act as a visual glue for the whole district and its several realizations. From the FFD entrance on the big open-air square, where took place some thematic kiosks on experimental farming,  up to the interactive experience inside the he huge futuristic Coop supermarket. The project is based on the elaboration of a new language, developed through innovative visual codes: a digital chromatic range, expressed through chemical tints and then combined with warm natural colors in the background, an easy-to-read typeface and a pattern similar to a pixel grid and diagonal lines dividing contents drawn from programming languages. This project also lies on the re-elaboration of COOP visual codes, through un-profiled overlapped food images, declined in one color only that become colorful futuristic X-rays, and illustrations that create unexpected geometries , a personal creative interpretation of the visual identity in the food distribution market. 

  • Creative Directors studio FM milano
  • Art Directors studio FM milano
  • Designers studio FM milano
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Architecture Carlo Ratti Associati
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