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by Grrr Amsterdam

Fietsy offers day trips on e-bikes for a new generation of international tourists. A group that prefers sustainable, personal and local experiences. Fietsy consists of a network of e-bike rentals, a website and an app. 
Every year a large number of tourists visit Amsterdam. When you add five million visitors to 800.000 inhabitants, it gets pretty crowded. We wanted to fix this problem, so we enable tourists to leave the city and discover the beautiful countryside.
Instead of taking a dull and dirty touringcar, we offer e-bikes and an app full of adventurous routes curated by locals. Of course you will encounter typical Dutch windmills, dunes and flower fields. But also: microbreweries, World War II bunkers and secret tea gardens. To be discovered at your own pace. E-bikes let you travel distances that would normally require a bus or train. Above all: you see, feel and hear so much more on a bike!
Fietsy’s brand is bold and energetic. The design combines vibrant colors (Dutch orange and bright turquoise) with big typography. We communicate to a young audience that wants a different travel experience, so in the campaign we avoid the cliches of shiny, happy people on bikes. Instead, we show the reasons to not go cycling. Unexpected things happen when you ride like the Dutch!
We founded Fietsy to share our love for biking and the beautiful Dutch landscape with international visitors. Also, we want to explore our role as designers in solving social problems. By initiating this project ourselves, we want to blur the boundaries between our agency and our clients.
We are currently testing with small groups. Tourists will be cruising their e-bikes in the summer of 2016!
Still wondering about the name? Alright then: ’fiets’ means bike in Dutch :-)

  • Creative Directors Rolf Coppens, Annelies Termeer
  • Art Directors Jeroen Disch
  • Designers Joséphine Cambier
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Maarten van der Wal
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • In collaboration with The Main Ingredient
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