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First Aid from Schulp

by PROUDdesign

Since 1861 the Schulp family lives at the ‘Zandpad’ in Breukelen (NL) along the river ‘de Vecht’. Albert Schulp is the 5th generation of fruit growers who started the local Schulp fruit juice brand in 2000, which is sold at specialty stores in the Netherlands. Based on the growing interest in healthy foods, Schulp asked PROUDdesign to develop a design concept for their 100% pure and organic fruit and vegetable juices. So far these juices were integrated in the general fruit juice range, and as such not distinctive enough to attract attention.  The design concept should clearly reflect the healing strength of nature thanks to 100% pure, organic juices. We created ‘Eerst Hulp Van Schulp’ (literally: first aid from Schulp). So you instantly recognize that these juices are here to support your health.  Simple, strong photography of the fruits and vegetable, covered by a strong, iconic graphic health symbol, the cross. The variant names are all in red, using a stencil/crate letter with their Latin, scientific names underneath.  The matte paper labels on the bottles are black for strong contrast with the photography and to blend in with the dark juices. The red cap is there to alert to watch out.  The back label has a simple layout with typewriter typography to reflect functionality of the product so to read like a medicine leaflet.  The shipping carton has been kept clean white to express the healthy benefit even stronger. In the white background we have placed all Latin variant names to create a recipe wrapping paper feeling. The red cross states strongly ‘EERSTE HULP VAN SCHULP’ (first aid from schulp), the variant description is stuck on the side by stickers. First Aid from Schulp thanks to the natural power of pure fruit or vegetable juice. A small glass a day (or dosing cup) is sufficient.

  • Creative Directors Steven de Cleen
  • Art Directors Arthur van Hamersveld
  • Designers
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Wilkins
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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