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Fluks – Stories people remember

by fluks

Fluks is a small design and animation studio in Oslo specializing in 3D and characters. Through design, tone-of-voice and motion, the website communicates a different agency. A challenger.
The focus was to display our ability to create and convey stories people remember; how we work and what we believe in. We wanted to highlight our ability to tell stories – the ability to create engaging narratives and personalities, or characters, you feel something for.
The target audience for the website is creative agencies, and the creative industry in general. We often get work from advertising og production agencies, but now we also work directly towards the clients. This means we need to stand out from the clean, corporate and minimalistic agencies we are competing against.
You are not just buying what Fluks can do, but who we are, and what we believe in. We wanted to highlight the focus on our craft. At the same time, it had to shine through that we really love what we do! One should see that it is really nice to work with Fluks.
Fluks originates from Middle German, and is genitive of flight ‘flight’, to the verb ‘fly’. Often it is used for movement, flow. Our name Fluks, and the tagline Stories People Remember, has lead the design, along with a set of core values.
We are passionate, personal and rock solid. We wanted to bring out the dynamics of having a high ambition, being professional, but at the same time down to earth. We believe in the power of speaking a language everyone understands, both verbally and visually. In a corporate industry, as a small agency, we must dare to show who we are. All the text on the website is as if we are speaking directly to you.
The design is dynamic. It’s humane and organic, with a distinctive, humorous photo style. Our characters have character and depth. Animation is important, but in order to stay focused we have put a lot of detail into the interactions.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Stig Melón-Bratvold
  • Designers Stig Melón-Bratvold, Martine Hage
  • Illustrators Filip Lind, Henrik Reistad, Håvard Forland Isaksen
  • Photographers Andris Søndrol Visdal
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Hedda Lilleng
  • Frontend & Backend Development Stig Melón-Bratvold
  • Animation Håvard Forland Isaksen
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