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FOR - Modular Identity

by TRY Apt

The Norwegian Film Association’s Organisation for Rights Management (FOR) approached us at TRY Apt for designing their new visual identity.

The identity was specifically made with motion in mind. The dynamic and modular principles of the identity help strenghten the visual concept, which metaphorically refers to the protection of the free creative mind within a safe barrier.

About FOR

FOR support audiovisual authors and promote cultural diversity through policies that enable the dissemination of audiovisual authors’ works to the audience.

FOR’s main role is to give legal access to these audiovisual works and ensure authors are fairly paid. This encourages further creativity for the benefit of society and secure fair and proportional remuneration for audiovisual authors for every use of their works.

The Visual Concept

The visual concept is rooted in the representation and protection of the creators and their inherent creative capital. This creative force is visualized through a dynamic and playful universe with both formal and informal qualities and possibilities.

With visual references to film and television, contracts, documents, protection, cameras and optics — the identity tries to disarm and make rights management and the process of getting fair pay less daunting.

In addition, the adaptable modular principles and properties of the logo itself reflect an organization that cares, protects, celebrates and gives way to its members’ creative processes.

The letter «O» represents the creators within a solid and protective barrier. While being true to the shielding principle, the barrier still carries it’s modular abilities and attributes. The letters «F» and «R» complete and close the barrier in a rectangular solhouette that visually supports the left aligned wordmark below. The typographically extended leg in the letter «R» optically contributes to visualising the folded corner of a piece of paper, which refers to rights management and more specifically contracts and documents.

  • Creative Directors Kim Holm
  • Art Directors Kim Holm
  • Designers Kim Holm
  • Illustrators Kim Holm
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Cato Gjertsen
  • Motion Designer Kim Holm
  • Producer Johanne Lund
  • Other Contributors Sigurd Kristiansen (Concept Development), Kaare Øystein Trædal (Consultation)
  • Client Representatives Ragna Lindboe, Elisabeth Sjaastad, Bjørn Alexander Brem
  • Sound Design Kim M. Jensen
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