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Forbidden Card

by Graphic design studio by Yurko Gutsulyak

Forbidden Card is a New Year greeting and new article of Oriental Collection – a self-promotional project that is supposed to last 12 years and includes 12 greeting cards representing 12 symbols according to Chinese Zodiac. Style of this project is a mix of cultures and times.

Idea of the Card is inspired by Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and the Bible concept of human origin.
As the Card is dedicated to a Year of Monkey, it symbolizes the main feature of the year’s mascot – curiosity. One of the principal questions of humanity is presented like absurd genesis of sin depicted by fruit metamorphoses. We do not acknowledge any of the two opposite points of view on this topic (religious or atheistic) but we encourage people to think and find their own meanings.

Based on feedbacks from our clients and friends we can proudly make a conclusion that Forbidden Card is doing its job. In addition, we have got really unexpected feedbacks with stories about evolution of Newton’s Theory of Gravity, the Golden Apple of Discord from Greek mythology, the apple-shot by William Tell, etc. The most killing question we were asked was – Why the apple is not bitten? For our studio it turned out to be a little research on symbols perception and how people correlate the simplest symbols with their active knowledge.

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