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From Farm to Fork

by Amore

Project: From Farm to Fork – A Green Summit organized by the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in New York that took place November 2, 2011 at the Citibank Auditorium, 399 Park Avenue, New York City. Next summit will most likely take place around the same time 2012.
The Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce brings together leaders from a variety of key sectors. The Chamber serves as a conduit for pooling new investment and pairing it with bright ideas, and to act as a catalyst to bring about change. In an increasingly globalized world economy, the Chambers role is to draw together the best and brightest talent from our two nations under one roof.
Objective: Create a visual identity that captures the very core of the yearly green summit held by the Swedish American Chamber of Commerce. Amore?s objective was to create an identity inspired by the polarity of the tradition and local feel of the agricultural world where our food has its origin and the urban modernity of new food trends and scientific innovations.Execution: Inspired by the polarity between tradition and science, history and future and the rural and the urban landscape, Amore created a strong and recognizable logotype, designed to live on for many years and green summits.Result: The visual identity with it?s recognizable logotype was very appreciated both by the client and the prominent visitors of the New York Green Summit and Amore has been asked to do the graphic design of the next summit as well. An honor Amore will use to surpass their own success from 2011 with an even more appealing design.

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