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Forum Groningen

by G2K

— About Forum Groningen
Forum Groningen is the newly opened vibrant cultural center in Groningen, Netherlands. The 11 storey landmark building by NL Architects – dubbed a ‘cultural department store’ – offers a wide variety of facilities and programming. It hosts the city library, cinema, exhibition galleries, a museum for comics, games and animation, a restaurant, café, experimental media labs, an auditorium plus spaces for performances and talks, and multiple workspaces. A place to meet and socialize, a place for learning, leisure and exploration. Forum Groningen is open 365 days a year. It welcomed 1 million visitors in it’s first three months. No other Dutch cultural institution welcomed that many visitors in such a timeframe.

— About the logo
The Forum logo derives it’s basic form from the iconic shape of the building: a trapezium shaped box. Accompanied by the letter F it is as simple as recognizable, in any possible and allowed colorway. The square is intentionally left blank in the root version of the logo, suggesting and welcoming multiple content, much like the building and Forum programming do. In daily identity use this square can be shapeshifted and filled with various content in any meaningful way, or be left blank when used as a generic marker.

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  • Art Directors Rudmer van Hulzen
  • Designers Rudmer van Hulzen
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