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Fremde Ferern

by Synopsis

The Romanian Literature Days in Vienna plays a significant role in the agenda of events promoted by the
Romanian Cultural Institute in Vienna. The year 2010 has been a ‘trouble year’ for the Romanian culture
allocated budget and this event also had it’s share of cuts. Poster, Programme, Brochure, Bags, Flyers all
had to be sacrificed, leaving us only with a 350 EU.

So we invented instead the ‘Foreign Feathers’ newspaper which promoted our event (‘Exile Memory
Identity’) as a special issue. Printed on cheap newsprint in 2 colors covering- 4 posters -1 programme,
all the supportive text for the conferences; the idea of the main theme got translated even better to
our vienese audience like this because of the medium; the ‘magazine’ was distributed in libraries…
the vienese people asked around ‘Who are these guys ?” ( Fremde Federn ) even the Headquarter in
Bucharest was intrigued who they were…

There were 2000 prints (500 for each author) – 250 EU were used for the print in Timisoara and 110 EU
were used to ship them to Vienna… we covered the extra 10 EU, in the end everybody was happy…

  • Creative Directors Ovidiu Hrin, Gabriel Kohn
  • Art Directors Ovidiu Hrin
  • Designers Ovidiu Hrin
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Eugen Radut
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Gabriel Kohn
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