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From floating wheelchairs to mobile car parks

by Jeroen van Erp & Chris van Diemen

The contents are unmistakable and inspiring: How to design for a user experience?

The appearance of this book is smartly translated into a design which turns the book itself into a product experience. From the first look, the typography on the cover flows over the slick bound open spine, and the golden color is found throughout the book. It’s classy for the story is king here, but rough and direct at the same time — showing the process and it’s ingredients of the displayed projects.

Taking a cross-methodology approach, this book proposes 14 basic ingredients of
experience-driven design processes. A collection of 35 design projects, selected from ten years of experience-driven graduation projects of Industrial Design Engineering at Delft University, demonstrates how to use these ingredients. All projects started with the aim to design something that evokes a particular and intended experience. Product domains vary widely, including tourism and culture, transportation, public space, social communication, education, sports, food packaging, and medical devices. The final products differ in size from a small pill dispenser to a coastal area. Thereby, the book is a source of inspiration for designers, design students, and design researchers from all different types of backgrounds, working in all domains of human experience.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Jeroen van Erp, Chris van Diemen
  • Designers Chris van Diemen (www.chrisvandiemen.com)
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Pieter Desmet , Rick Schifferstein
  • Copywriters
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