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From imagination to animation: Six Decades of Zagreb Film

by Vladimir Koncar

The exhibition presented Zagreb Film's famous production of more than two thousand animated, documentary, educational, and feature films and commercials in the six decades of its existence. It also includes the world-acknowledged phenomenon of the Zagreb School of Animated Film and more than 500 awards. A special place belongs to the prestigious American Academy Award, or the Oscar, for the best-animated film, awarded in 1962 to Surogat (Ersatz) by Dušan Vukotić.
The exhibition presents outstanding achievements by brilliant authors of the Zagreb School, Croatian artistic heritage of the highest level acknowledged by the whole world. The exhibition also showcases valuable archival materials of Zagreb Film, the Croatian State Archives, and private collections. Drawings, sketches, cels, and authentic items – by setting them in the context of the time when they were created and connecting them with the works of art from collections of the Museum of Contemporary Art and other Croatian museums. 
The core of the identity is the playfulness that connects primary elements such as line, plane, and color in a contemporary interpretation of the Zagreb School of Film metaphor and merging it with the constructivist sensibility. The approach is exploring relationship dynamics through endless combinations, giving this identity ability to expand endlessly. The drawing line is in the base of the identity, shifting through space; it emerges as the guiding line of the exhibition – as the basis of the construction of tables and pedestals, the line of oversized chairs, and the contour of space.
By emphasizing essential visual elements and their transformation into the main visual and constructional conveyors of the exhibition message, we created a visual language that refers to the distinctive identity of Zagreb Film. By adding a third dimension to the flat shapes on the screens, a group of specific elements was formed to communicate the exhibition abundant and diverse content. Oversized inventory pieces and old TV sets used to screen films take adult visitors back to their childhood, while certain interactive elements lead visitors to experience their favorite animated movies.

  • Creative Directors Vedran Kasap, Ozana Ursić (Clinica studio) + Vladimir Končar
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Vedran Kasap, Ozana Ursić (Clinica studio) + Vladimir Končar
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Exhibition Authors Simon Bogojević Narath, Vesna Meštrić i Snježana Pintarić
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