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From passion to profession

by Degordian

For Degordian’s design team, work they do is not a job. It’s a lifestyle that blurred the lines between what you have to do and what you like to do.
3rdFloor, as the design team branded themselves, knows what is like to turn creative work into profession. They, in a way, answered the most interesting question: how creatives manage to stay passionate about everything they do and what truly motivates them?
For them, it’s all about passion for constantly pondering everything in the world around you to find inspiration. Something that inspired you yesterday might not empower you to do great work today, but maybe it will tomorrow. Maybe today is the day you will create that little detail that would make everything special. 
Seeking new challenges becomes a habit, a hobby, a lifestyle. And yes, this endless search for proficiency can become a profession (3rdFloor is the proof)! Above all, that inexplicable passion for creating something amazing that puts a smile on all those faces who will one day look at it, pushes them forward. Failure is not an option, turn your world upside down, develop talents, do anything to grow yourself and tackle any challenge. Be amazed and enthusiastic.
3rdFloor explained an endless circle behind every successful project –  living the passion, loving what you do, live your lifestyle – it’s that simple! 

  • Creative Directors Marko Cvijetić
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Marko Cvijetić i Ivan Radović
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Ivan Radović
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Marko Cvijetić
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