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FS Irwin

by Fontsmith

FS Irwin’s origin lies in studies in inscriptional lettering and writing-calligraphic exercises. The process started by digitising inscribed and calligraphed letterform explorations and moved on by adapting them into a more workable sans serif structure. The traditional forms of writing which gave the basis to Latin type as we know it today were the perfect place to start. This influence can be seen in the proportion of the capitals and in slight writing-calligraphic details in the lowercase, such as the slightly angled, chiselled spurs and their open terminals. The design, proportions and details are modern, usable and authentic and the system is suitable for countless text or display situations. Families like this can be used on nearly anything, from more playful designs to serious corporate IDs. In a total of 6 weights with true italics (12 different cuts), it is a perfectly clear typeface that can communicate an idea with precise simplicity, offering support to all Latin-based European languages.

  • Creative Directors Jason Smith
  • Art Directors Phil Garnham, Fernando Mello
  • Designers Fernando Mello
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Tamasin Handley
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