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by Gruppo Espresso - la Repubblica

‘Fuoricampo’ is a weekly magazine created by ‘la Repubblica’ in 2018 to give a new experience to our readers. The challenge was to mix fresh and positive stories from all over the world collected through our European publisher pool LENA (a newspaper alliance founded by ‘la Repubblica’ together with other main European newspapers such as ‘El Pais’, ‘Le Figaro’, ‘Die Welt’ and several others) with a bolder, serious vintage layout. The target was to widen ‘la Repubblica’’s horizons and to broaden the sort of contents of our publication.
A main target was to reach a wider, more “international” and younger audience, as ‘Repubblica’’s readership is over 40 years old on average. The features of ‘Fuoricampo’, out every Saturday free with ‘la Repubblica’ daily, have the aim to enlighten sides, areas and aspects of the world news that we often cover. The layout and the contents were created exclusively by la Repubblica, maid by its art director Francesco Franchi and the editor of ‘Fuoricampo’ Antonello Guerrera.
The bold and somehow “aggressive” layout was inspired by a few old Italian newspapers circulating in the Eighties. This, in our opinion, was the best way to deliver the idea and the lighter contents we had in mind, such as features from rarely covered places, big interviews and profiles of emerging or unknown personalities who in our opinion are going to influence the world affairs. A positive and fruitful conflict between graphic and written contents.
The circulation of ‘Fuoricampo’ was directed to Italy but it has been available also in the main European capitals, along with an online version available at www.larep.it/fuoricampo. Many more young readers got involved and the mission was accomplished with even 10,000 readers overall more on some occasions, according to our internal feedbacks.

  • Creative Directors Francesco Franchi and Angelo Rinaldi
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Giovanni Cavalleri
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Antonello Guerrera
  • Copywriters
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