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Gaceta de arte y Bauhaus - La esencia de la modernidad en nuestros días

by Tipos en su tinta

Gaceta de arte was an influential cultural art magazine printed and produced in Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the 1930s. A lot has been written about the content and the contributors to the magazine, but little has been said about its graphic design and the typographical influences that can be traced back to Modern Design Theory.

In this project we looked at the connections between Gaceta de arte and the ideas that were coming out of the Bauhaus school, analysing their importance and appearance in contemporary graphic design. Integrating our historic letterpress workshop in the design process, the project explores the combination of digital and analogical technology and the possibilities of combining design tools of different eras.


In December 2020, despite the covid19 situation, a festival of activities was organised in the capital of Tenerife with a clear objective; to contribute and enrich the history of Gaceta de arte and at the same time, inform the resident population of Santa Cruz and newer generations of designers, about the historically important design legacy on the island by connecting the visual graphic language of that time with contemporary typography and graphic design practice of today.


Creative writing courses were set up at the local library in collaboration with Bruno Mesa, a young poet, and other professional authors were also invited to create content for a tribute edition of the magazine designed and printed for the occasion.

The digital and analogue workshop, imparted in conjunction with the German designer Martin Lorenz, and offered to the design students of the University of La Laguna, was an essential part of the project as the young designers got a deeper understanding of modular systems in typography and got a chance to explore new ways of designing and stretching the limitations of the medium.

Two days of seminars (9 -10 December 2020) on Art History and Typography directly related to the subject were held both in person and online at TEA Tenerife Espacio de las Artes.

A comprehensive exhibition was also curated by Tipos en su tinta bringing together for the very first time, artwork and historic material from several different public institutions and private collections.


The unique design of the Gaceta de arte logotype in the style of Josef Albers Kombinationsschrift, was a starting point for our playful approach to the project’s identity, making modular typography an essential part of the project.

The new graphics created for this event were first developed in our letterpress workshop, by experimenting with a wood-type alphabet and experimenting with the basic geometric forms in a modular way to create new letterforms. The idea was then further developed on the computer to create a final logotype and the overall visual identity that reflects the subject matter in a contemporary way.

38 editions were created by the director Eduardo Westerdahl and his collaborators between 1932-36 until the Spanish civil war started. Our tribute magazine, special edition number 39, was prepared both by computer and designed and printed in our letterpress workshop in Santa Cruz. The photographs and main copy were printed using Risography and the other elements in Warm Red Pantone ink were letterpress printed. The display type for the titles was set in the original Futura lead type designed by Paul Renner in the 1930s, also favoured by the Gaceta de arte generation.

To expand the project’s visibility beyond the local community, to the rest of the world, all the contents of the project (conferences, exhibition and magazine) can be visualised on our website


  • Creative Directors Matthias Beck & Lars Petter Amundsen
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Matthias Beck & Lars Petter Amundsen
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Juan Martínez Restrepo
  • Editors
  • Copywriters Esther Ropón Mesa
  • Authors Cecilia Domínguez, Paco León, María José Alemán Bastarrica, Maisa Navarro, Régulo Hernández, Blanca Hernández, Katya Vázquez Schröder, Juan Cruz, Miguel Martinón and Isidro Hernández
  • Workshops Martin Lorenz, Bruno Mesa, Matthias Beck and Lars Petter Amundsen
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