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Publication > 11.4 Magazine


by Change Communication GmbH

Lifestyle magazines being like hollow heads, business magazines like nerds, car magazines like plebs and advertisements like gadflys, we’re able to reflect some of them all.
A interdisciplinary creative team of designers, illustrators, photographers and editors, developed a magazine for the Klassikgarage Kronberg. 
Fitted with a thematically title, Garagengefühle, the magazine’s content is packed in a dense 60 pages and the edition limited to 1000 copies. The conceptual design reflects the diversity of characters found amongst vintage designs: matte black and mean as a Mustang; clad in an oversize DIN A3 format as conspicuous as the legendary VW Microbus Deluxe; then again, as puristic as Porsche’s 911 or as ludic as Alfa Romeo’s Spider. Decorated with the faces of celebrities, it’s full of persisting questions and quick-witted answers. And each page is colored in an individual hue.

  • Creative Directors Florian Dietrich, Sebastian Lachermeier
  • Art Directors Sara-Vanessa Gerstmann, Benjamin Frommen, Kersten Meyer
  • Designers
  • Illustrators Rebekka Schönefuss
  • Photographers Christopher Rausch, Fabian Oefner, Sebastian Lachermeier
  • Editors Stefanie Evita Schaefer
  • Copywriters Katharina Karavidas,
  • Account Management Joachim Matthes
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