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Gerd Arntz

by Ontwerpwerk multidisciplinary design

As a politically engaged artist, Gerd Arntz (1900-1988) depicted social miscarriages in the world in wood and linoleum cuts. His simple and direct style was very suitable for use in image statistics, as developed by the scientist Otto Neurath (1882?1945). During his long career, Arnzt created over 4,000 coherent, powerful and legible symbols and figures, of which we can still see the influence all around us in road signs, gameboys and charts. Ontwerpwerk does its utmost to make Gerd Arntz’s work visible for a large public. It is part of our cultural heritage and we believe his work is of great importance for the world of contemporary visual communication. We started with the Gerd Arntz Web Archive, www.gerdarntz.org. Other initiatives of Ontwerpwerk are the book ?Gerd Arntz, graphic designer?, which was chosen as one of ?The world most beautiful books? of The Leipzig Book Fair and the Gerd Arntz memory app for iPhone and android. At the moment we are working on a travelling exhibition about his work.When we started with the website www.gerdarntz.org in 2008 there were 500 hits, when one searched for Gerd Arntz?s name on the internet. At the moment there are more than 781.000 hits with 47.000 images and that number is growing every day. That’s due to the website, book and the app. At the moment Gerd Arntz is a well-known graphic artist amongst designers all around the world. Ontwerpwerk is very proud to have been able to reach a broader audience for the work of this extraordinary artist

  • Creative Directors Ed Annink
  • Art Directors Ed Annink
  • Designers various
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors Laura van Uitert
  • Copywriters Laura van Uitert
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