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Gessnerallee Illustrations 04-10

by Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung

Zurich-based Raffinerie AG für Gestaltung has been closely involved with the city’s Gessnerallee theatre over the past few years. The connection was forged through Niels Ewerbeck, the theatre’s general manager and artistic director, who assumed his post in 2004 and entrusted Raffinerie with the institution’s corporate design. With their unique and unmistakable illustrations, the Gessnerallee’s programmes have become an integral part of its overall visual identity. And to mark the Ewerbeck era, which comes to an end this month, Raffinerie has collected the most striking programme images of the last seven years in a new illustrated book. Niels Ewerbeck has not only enriched the Zurich theatre scene during his time at the helm of the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee. In his collaboration with Raffinerie, he has set new benchmarks in programme design. The resulting publications have consistently drawn attention, and have become a hallmark of the theatre and its work. The heart of each programme has always been provided by appropriate illustrations by young Swiss graphic artists who have included Georges Blunier, Benjamin Güdel, Nora Halpern, Stefan Marx, Lina Müller, Svenja Plaas, Benjamin Sommerhalder and Paula Troxler. Their images, together with those of 23 further illustrators, have now been published in Gessnerallee Illustrationen 4-11, a collection of 133 outstanding and carefully-selected programme illustrations from the past seven years. In its simple but loving presentation, the new book is strongly reminiscent of a fanzine, offering a tactile take, too, on the motivations behind the project. The overall result is an exceptional hommage to an exceptional collaboration.

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