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GFC / Golf Fee Card

by Kommigraphics

The all-new “Golf Fee Card International” website, is a complete platform of services and products that refer to all golf enthusiasts. Through this website, all golfers can purchase the Golf Fee Card International, a unique privileges card. The website offers all the information needed about the card, as well as its exclusive benefits to its owners. The golfers can book tee times of golf courses, as well as hotels and golfing holiday packages. The biggest challenge of this project, was the creation of an appropriate presentation of a very large amount of data, in an attractive and easy to use interface for the users, as www.golfcards.com aims to become
a vital search tool for golfers. This is the reason why the selection of typography in conjunction with the colour palette, offer a luxurious environment and at the same moment a clear and easy to follow content allocation. The visual and design details, complement the photographic material as well as the content of the website, while the design canvas, which the creative approach was based on, is distributed evenly on all devices, resulting in a totally functional and pleasant experience, even if one visits the website through their mobile whilst on a golf course.

  • Creative Directors Kosmas Apatangelos
  • Art Directors Vivian Dimitriadi
  • Designers Vivian Dimitriadi
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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