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by De Designpolitie

Gift is a company that gives advice and coachings. Their principles are spiritual and buddhistic. We translated the literal and spiritual meaning of the word ‘gift’ into the art of wrapping paper. That is why we designed 12 wrappingpaper designs. These designs were used as a basis for their whole identity. From envelope to businesscard, everything was folded or cut out of these patterns. The patterns are linked to Gift’s 12 basic principles of coaching and advice, which are: 1-Responsibility, 2-Inner Peace, 3-Physical Ecology, 4-Humor and playfulness, 5-Open communication, 6-Courage and trust, 7-Creativity, 8-Finishing things, discipline, 9-Without judgement, 10-Dealing with paradox, 11-Unity, 12-Void.

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