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Globalance World


— Background
The way that people invest money has a big impact on how the world evolves. So far, making a financial profit has been the key incentive for the majority of investors. But with the increasing urgency of global societal and environmental issues, long-term investments require a completely new perspective, one that helps maintain the world through forward-looking investments.
Globalance Bank aims to respond to this need. As a bank, they want to increase transparency in the investment world and help their clients and potential new investors understand the extensive effect of their investments on the world.
— Challenge
They asked us to design and develop an unprecedented platform that could communicate the global impact of investments. Our challenge was to translate highly complex and abstract performance data in such a way that it becomes tangible and ultimately actionable.
— Idea
We created Globalance World, the Google Earth for Investors. It’s the first public platform that empowers people to make sustainable investment decisions based on economic, societal, and environmental indicators.
The 3D globe is the pinnacle of the platform. We took inspiration from The Blue Marble, the picture of Earth taken in 1972 by the Apollo crew, as it is part of our collective memory. It shows the beauty and the vulnerability of our planet. The globe transforms drab and unengaging investment reports into an immersive experience and makes investment impact tangible and relatable.
The platform has a unique data-driven visual language: Pebble shape. It’s an organic symbol based on nine criteria that Globalance Bank uses to calculate the footprint impact. Pebble shape introduces a new language to communicate financial data in a clear, consistent, and recognizable way.
— Relevance
From highly complex financial data and metrics to market trends and search functionality, we created a platform that offers the most comprehensive, accessible and open experience. With this platform everyone can finally see the impact of companies – which you can invest in – on our world from not just an economic perspective, but also from social and environmental perspectives.
The tangible feeling people get by seeing investment impact on the globe and the transparent communication of data, set new standards for the investment banking world that will lead the way to positive change.
Visit the platform here: https://fe.globalanceworld.com/EagJA8QsTQzk3JFsn/climate

  • Creative Directors Thomas Clever, Gert Franke
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Roel de Jonge, Pietro Lodi, Joost Mommers, Bas van der Burgh
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • UX Designers & Researchers Pietro Lodi, Joost Mommers, Amy Goris, Joe Chrisman
  • Application Design & Artchitecture Wilco Tomassen, Jan Hoogeven, Nick Rutten
  • Front-end Developers Nick Rutten, Eileen Guo, Jan Hoogeven, Daan Rongen, Ronald Zwaga
  • Design Director Wouter van Dijk
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