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God natt, Oslo Vol. II


In the autumn of 2019, the literature festival God natt, Oslo (in english: Good night, Oslo) was arranged for the second time. The goal was to yet again gather the literature interested audience of Oslo. God natt, Oslo is a bit different from other literature festivals; being located right next to the seaside/waterfront, partly in Scandinavias largest sauna, the scenery is set for a quite extraordinary festival.

This years identity was ment to be a continuation from last years identity, but still create an individual and recognizable look for the festival. The typography and the system with black lines was kept, but the focus was to use this as a framework for the illustrations. The illustrations shows Oslo’s cityscapes during late summer and autumn, and creates a romantic and calm feeling(feel) for the city. The illustration style is also used for a series of portraits of the writers and authors attending the festival. This was used for social media and on the website. The illustrations have an analog and tactile quality to it, that creates an effective contrast to the more direct and tight framework. The framework always focuses on displaying the festival name and dates.

The visual identity had a need to stand out next to other literature related events, while also being accessible enough for a varied audience and corporate sponsors. The promotion was done in an intensive period by a small team, so it was crucial that the identity was easily recognizable across all platforms.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors
  • Designers Petter Torgersen Myhr
  • Illustrators Tiril Haug Johne
  • Photographers Marthe Thu
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
  • Developer Morten Johansen
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