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Gorky Park Ice cream

by Anastasia Genkina

Design of packages for Gorky Park ice creams.   This ice cream has been a treat inseparable from a walk in the Moscow Gorky Park for decades. It`s special taste of creamy vanilla and waffle cone became a memory of childhood for several generations, and it has remained true to the old fashioned recipe.    The aim to connect the historical value with modern recognition through design was achieved by developing patterns, inspired by key symbols of the Park`s life. Each pattern corresponds with one of the six flavours. The concept The work on the packages started several months prior the launch time. Preparing for the summer season of 2014 we aimed to make an absolutely new design for the product, which has been in the Gorky Park for as long as anyone can remember — the Gorky Park Ice cream. We wanted to make something fresh and yet with a friendly and playful heart, that would contain a cultural heritage of the Park`s life.  The process Once it came decided that different sorts of the ice cream must wear different drawings, but a same name element, it took many patterns to be developed and to be sorted aside before we ended up with the final set. The main criteria was the relationship between a feeling of graphics and the Park`s lifestyle. Eye-catching colours and patterns perform two tasks: they correspond with a feeling of each flavour and associate themselves with leisure, open air and fun. Thus, the red and white spinning triangles for the vanilla and chocolate ice cream are able to bring a feeling of a funfair while green uneven Polka dot pattern recalls rockabilly epoch and describes chocolate ice-cream in waffle. The name element remains the same ( it differs only for the foil one ) and contains information of the name, flavour, the Gorky park logotype, mass, and nutrition information. Also a special set of icons was developed. Each icon portrays a product it assigned to and describes weather it is an eskimo or a waffle cone and weather it has vanilla or chocolate filling. The wrap-arounds were printed on an old-fashioned butter-paper using Pantone colours. This paper is very thin with some transparency. The wrap is supported by a sticker with necessary expiry information.  At the end of the summer season a photographer was commissioned to make shots of the ice creams in their packages, the shots were later retouched to the frosty freezing chamber looking space to show their dynamics and usage.

  • Creative Directors
  • Art Directors Misha Gannushkin
  • Designers Anastasia Genkina
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers Anastasia Genkina / Grigory Sobchenko
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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