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Gran Fira de València 2019

by Estudio Menta

Strategy and graphic campaign for the communication of Gran Fira de València.
Throughout the month of July, the Gran Fira de València organizes numerous festive and cultural events that invite residents and tourists to enjoy the city in full summer. It is the biggest summer festival, promoted by City Council of València.
This Fair, first in 1871, has been adding activities throughout its almost one hundred and fifty years of history and in the last five years it has been reinvented in order to be more modern but also to bring old traditions nowadays. It has become an urban festival with a diverse offer that It covers all types of audiences.
There are lots of different events, from music and dances to traditional markets, pyrotechnic shows, theater, exhibitions, cinema, sports… But there are several relevant activities, such as La Nit a la Mar, Concerts de Vivers, La Gran Nit, Nits de Folk and the traditional Batalla de Flors.
To address the communication of the Grand Fira in this edition of 2019 we took a look at the classic posters of the 30s of the past century, with its geometric typography and the colorful illustrations.
This geometry and modularity have inspired us to design our own typography that articulates all the communication of Gran Fira de València. Gran Fira Display is a display typography for big headlines basen in those features. This typography is available for free download and free to use.
A moving image.
On the other hand we incorporate, as a second layer, festive elements that overlap the text of the poster. This second layer offers us the possibility of generating movement and moving from static posters to a communication more adapted to the digital environment that takes advantage of not only online but also on the new digital urban advertising supports.

  • Creative Directors Estudio Menta
  • Art Directors Estudio Menta
  • Designers Xavi Calvo, Raül Climent and Elisa Gómez
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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