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Graphic Happiness II, 100 years of Dutch graphic design

by Trapped in Suburbia

Graphic Happiness is a design project consisting of a publication, a traveling exhibition and educational programme on 100 years of Dutch graphic design. The exhibition travels through China from the end of 2012 till the end of 2013 and starts in Nanjing. The exhibition shows the work of over 60 designers and shows their love and passion for graphic design. Design is what makes these designers happy. It also bring the two countries China and the Netherlands together and have them exchange design knowledge and culture.
The logo is therefore based on the Chinese symbol of ’Double Happiness’ and the Dutch flag (red, white and blue). It symbolizes China and the Netherlands, coming together in design. The logo is printed onto three different straps, these straps hold together the furniture in the exhibition and form the binding of the publication. The logo is the literally and figuratively the binding factor in the whole design.
The publication is made of loose pages and is not traditionally bound. The only thing that hold the publication together is the strap, no glue or any other material are used.
The publication contains 246 pages of Dutch Graphic Design History and shows the work (amongst others) of Dutch Designers like Dick Bruna, Wim Crouwel, Theo van Doesburg, Anthon Beeke, Lust, Thonik, Niessen & de Vries, Studio Dumbar and Trapped in Suburbia.
All the furniture is designed as a flat pack construction made from wood and also held together by the straps. No glue, screws or any other material are used.

  • Creative Directors Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld
  • Art Directors Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld
  • Designers Cuby Gerards, Karin Langeveld, Mai Anne Bennedic, Marleen van den End
  • Illustrators
  • Photographers
  • Editors
  • Copywriters
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