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Promotion > 12.2 Poster Series

Graphic Matters 2019

by Rob en Robin

In a time of unprecedented access to information, it’s the work of designers that brings clarity to the world. The seventh edition of Graphic Matters shows cutting edge data visualization, infographics, manuals and cartography. A program of exhibitions, workshops, talk shows and events creates insight in past, current and future developments.
Graphic Matters invited ‘Rob & Robin’ to design a pre-campaign. This immediately led to them wondering how to visualise data in an attractive and understandable manner. Let’s face it, data isn’t the most ‘sexy’ subject. For days they tried to evade clichés of bar graphs, diagrams and everything else you normally associate with data. Instead, they were too focused on being original which led to only making things more complicated. This went on until they came to the conclusion that elements of ‘boring’ graphs could be put to use, visually, as these are already well known by people in general. It has a powerful and simple aesthetic to it which makes it fun to look at from different perspectives. Rob & Robin searched for (and found!) soul in those lifeless graphs.
Even though the illustrations were static during their creation, in the designers heads they were already in constant motion. As they are both young lads they get that movement garners attention, so it seemed only logical to animate the posters. In order to connect the offline campaign to the online campaign the animations were coupled to the ‘Artivive app’. By scanning the posters these would start to move, navigating the audience to the website, and share the vibe on Instagram.

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